34,000 coins

– A branded short film for the market leader

For about one year and a half I was the creative director for FIAT Latam, a joint operation between Isobar and Leo Burnett named Agencia Fiat. There I led a team of 12 people, and helped manage a budget in the tens of millions of dollars for the auto market leader.

We’ve launched five new cars, including a campaign featuring Dustin Hoffman to launch Fiat 500, wrote a Big Brother challenge (Fiat was one of the show’s sponsors), launched a mobile app that became #1 game in App Store Brazil and a bunch of other creative executions. Always aiming for the highest standards of creative excellence, plus making sure the relationship with our clients – I frequently presented work to FIAT’s CMO and CEO – and with our partners at Leo Burnett was running smoothly. 

It was a shear volume of creative output. Hard to pick a project for this space, but 34,000 coins is one very dear to me. Not only because I was involved from 0 to 1, in all aspects of concept and production, but because this piece epitomizes the high level brand strategy for FIAT in Brazil: Moved by passion.  

From the first call with the client, hearing the news about a customer from a remote area in Brazil who bought a car with coins, to the script, and actual production of a branded short doc – which I ultimately directed – this idea encapsulates the classic philosophy of entertaining people and not interrupting their time.

It was a one-off execution, done with super low budget compared to the multi-million dollar productions often ran by the brand, but that dragged a lot of attention around Brazil, from the media and consumers alike. 

with Bruno Barbieri and Raphael Vasconcellos

You can watch the trailer below:
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Or the full piece here:

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