– A Vimeo Staff Pick animation

Also winner of Berlin Short Film Festival

 with John Evans


– Featured in Gizmodo and many other places around the web

I crashed Rio’s Art Fair in the Brazilian summer of 2013 and “borrowed” screws used to hang iconic works of art on the event’s walls. 

Damien Hirst, Alexander Calder, Tracey Emin and others were among the artist whose screws I photographed in super close-up shots.

with Gustavo Sousa

And the internet coudn’t help
but throw a little meme:


For one year I photographed my neighbor
in NYC. She doesn’t live there anymore. 

Film Work

These projects were small and not so
small creative endeavors written, directed and edited by me.

– Ping Pong

– Red Bull Urban Playground
(pitch moodfilm)

– Red Bull Failure
(pitch trailer)

– Stills of a spec ad  for a perfum brand

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